Plastic Injection


There are many Mold Makers in China.

GlobalTeam is currently working with several mold makers in Guangzhou province in southeast China.  We have the ability to choose the best mold maker for a specific application

GlobalTeam has sourced over 40 tools to the United States and Mexico without any quality or timing issues.  China tooling not only offers a 30-40% savings, but also is usually completed in much shorter time than mold makers in the US.  The standard work week is six 10-hour days.  The US mold maker would have to provide overtime pay to compete with this workweek.


China injection molders mold a variety of products from automotive to electronics and everything in between.

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GlobalTeam will work with your Minority Business Enterprise to provide a seamless interface between you and your backroom supplier.  We are on the ground in China and have staff that are fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese to assure that the factory meets or ecdeeds your expectations.